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Toulon Airport Car Parks

Toulon Airport has two car parks – P1 and P2 with about 1,000 spaces total. P1 is for short stay parking - Courte Dureé and closest to the airport terminal. P1 is best for parking less than 16 hours. More than 16 hours or long stay - Longue Dureé, you should use P2 (known at the airport as e-Parking), it’s for long term parking.

Car park P2 can only be used if you book on line at - The airport has a computer you can use to book parking if needed. It’s in arrivals on the ground floor.

The car parks are well sign posted. The airport has handicap parking spaces. There are luggage carts in both car parks. To exit both car parks look for an exit - Sortie sign.

Payment can be made at any of the machines - Caisses Automatique inside the terminal or at an exit. Payment can only be made if you have a French CB or cash. The airport has a Cash Point in arrivals next to payment machines. There is a parking desk at arrivals.

If you need to park at the airport from 1 to 16 days there is a scheme called e-travelpark that lets you park in P2 for a flat rate. e-travelpark is only good for passengers with tickets flying out of Toulon Airport and must be bought 24 hours in advance of leaving. e-travelpark can be bought on line -

There is also car park P3 for car hire parking and return.

From a reader:
Can confirm that there is no height restriction on car park P2 but it is not suitable for motor homes as the spaces are too small.